General terms and conditions Hello Zeeland B.V.

Reservation and payment

Upon receipt of full payment within 7 days, the reservation is final and the tenant will receive confirmation of the rental agreement.
All prices listed are in euros and include VAT.

Arrival and departure

  • The provision of the accommodation is by a key safe.
  • Upon arrival, tenant must check the accommodation. If imperfections are found and/or if there are complaints, they must be reported to landlord no later than four hours after arrival.
  • On the departure date, lessee must leave the accommodation before 10:00 am.
  • Tenant must leave the accommodation “broom clean” upon departure and the inventory must be complete, in good condition and clean upon departure.
  • If tenant does not leave the accommodation properly, additional costs may be charged by landlord, which will be deducted from the refundable deposit.
  • Additional fees, in the amount of €10 per item, will be charged in cases including:
    garbage has not been cleaned up and taken away;
    – the dishes, pans, cooktop and/or oven/microwave are not clean;
    – a full dishwasher is encountered;
    – the fireplace’s ash drawer has not been emptied
    – rented sheets were not removed from the beds.

Rights and duties of tenant

  • Landlord undertakes to make the accommodation available to Tenant in good condition on the agreed day of arrival;
  • Landlord reserves the right, in exceptional cases, to provide another minimum equivalent accommodation as agreed upon;
  • Landlord reserves the right to enter the accommodation at any time.
  • Landlord is not liable for:
    – theft, embezzlement, damage – of any kind – during or as a result of a stay in accommodation rented by him;
    – disabling/deactivating technical equipment;
    – information provided orally or by telephone;
    – inconvenience or nuisance caused by third parties;
    – errors and mistakes recognized as such on the website.

All prices listed are in euros and include VAT. (Semi-) government measures and levies occurring after the publication of the prices may be passed on to tenant.

Landlord's rights and duties

  • The Lessee is prohibited from assigning the accommodation to third parties for rent or use or to have more persons staying in it than agreed upon at the time of booking, unless with the consent of the Lessor. If this is violated, the lease will be considered terminated.
  • Tenant shall use the accommodation with due diligence and observe the applicable house/park rules.
  • Tenant agrees to immediately report to Landlord and reimburse Landlord for all damages caused by his actions to the accommodation and/or the inventory located therein.
  • Tenant is prohibited from practicing any profession or business in the accommodation.
  • The use of appliances for cooking, washing and heating purposes other than those provided for that purpose in the accommodation is not permitted.
  • With the exception of bicycles, the lessee is not allowed to charge electric vehicles through the accommodation’s electrical supply.
  • The lessee is prohibited from causing a nuisance to the surrounding area, such as by making noise, music or using a barbecue.
  • Tenant may only use all unfenced areas.
  • Pets are allowed only if explicitly mentioned in the accommodation description and also reported at the time of booking.


Landlord is entitled to terminate the lease without notice of default if:

  • at the start of the rental period, the total invoice amount has not been paid;
  • Lessee fails to occupy the accommodation on the agreed arrival day before 9:00 p.m., without notifying Lessor;
  • tenant fails to comply with the obligations of these terms and conditions and/or the house/behavior rules.

Without prejudice to Tenant’s liability for the total rent in the cases mentioned in the preceding paragraph, Landlord shall be obliged (in order to limit the damage incurred in such cases) to try to rent the accommodation to another person for the time during which it is not occupied by Tenant. The amount received on this account will be deducted from the rent owed by tenant withholding administrative costs. This also applies if Tenant is prevented from using the accommodation due to personal or other circumstances.

Revocation, cancellation and early termination

  • The right of revocation and reflection period are excluded in this case.
  • If you cancel at least 4 weeks before arrival, you will receive a full refund from us. Up to 2 weeks before arrival you will receive a 50% refund and if you cancel within 2 weeks before arrival, you must pay the full amount. So pay close attention to this!
  • Tenant may immediately terminate the agreement if Landlord increases the price without this being a direct result of circumstances as described above under “Landlord’s rights and obligations.


  • Furthermore, all provisions of Dutch law apply, with the court in Middelburg as the competent court.