Ten tips for an unforgettable time in Cadzand-Bad

Are you going on holiday to Cadzand-Bad? What a great idea! In Cadzand-Bad and surroundings it is lovely to stay. From relaxing on Cadzand beach to staying in a (beach) hotel in Cadzand. The ten best tips are listed here for you.

1. The marina of Cadzand-Bad

Take a look at the marina of Cadzand-Bad. From above, you can see the boats returning from the Westerschelde to their box while the sun slowly sets.

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2. Searching for shark teeth

When you walk onto the beach at Het Zwin Cadzand, take a good look at the sand and chances are you’ll find shark teeth!

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3. Nature reserve De Knokkert

Are the children ready for another fun activity in Cadzand? Then the next stop is nature reserve De Knokkert. During this walk, the children can climb and clamber around in the forest and feel like a true adventurer. In this nature reserve you may sometimes encounter bats, but don’t be afraid: they usually only appear in the evening.

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4. Mill Nooit Gedacht

Drive from Cadzand-Bad to Cadzand-Dorp to visit Molen Nooit Gedacht. There has been a mill on this spot for centuries, since 1662 to be precise. The old mill was shot to pieces during the liberation in 1944 and was then restored to the mill it is today. What’s nice about the mill is that you can buy freshly ground flour here. Great for baking your own bread!

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5. Delicious food in Cadzand-Bad

By the evening you will probably start to get a little hungry and that is no problem at all in Cadzand-Bad. In Cadzand-Bad you will find star restaurants such as AIRrepublic restaurant of Sergio Herman, but you can also have a bite at Brasserie LouLou, which is just as tasty. In any case, you can enjoy an excellent culinary experience at these fine restaurants.

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6. Relaxing on Cadzand beach

When it’s really nice and warm, there’s only one place to go. And that, of course, is the beach! Lying on the beach with a sea breeze, can it get any better?

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7. The finest beach pavilions in Cadzand

And if it can be done better! At beach pavilions Captain’s Paradise, De Piraat and Strand Ruig they serve delicious snacks and drinks, ideal for cooling off and just because it’s nice. Would you like to read more about the beach bars in this seaside resort? Then click here.

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8. Kite surfing in Cadzand-Bad

While we’re at it, cool off and enjoy the water: ever kitesurfed by chance? Whatever your answer, come and see us at Cadzand Sports. All kinds of water sports can be learned and practiced here. Do you want to go powerkiting? Or is yoga more your thing? By the way, you don’t have to do it alone, you can also do a sport with a group.

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9. Kite flying in Cadzand-Bad

Watch out! Don’t blow away… Cadzand is known as the best beach for kite flying. So don’t forget your kite or buy one at kite shop Montezza. They have been around for 25 years and have everything you are looking for!

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10. Staying overnight in Cadzand-Bad

After a long, but most of all pleasant evening, it is time to sleep. But where? Fortunately Cadzand-Bad has many holiday parks, (beach) hotels, campsites and apartments. Where you go to sleep is of course up to you. But believe us: whatever you choose, it won’t disappoint.

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